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Duke Construction

MMW Fabrication has worked with Duke Construction to provide structural steel fabrication services for the construction and building of top quality products.

Your building and your organization are like no other—and no matter what the scope of your project, on your land or ours, Duke Realty brings a collaborative, owner-focused approach and a broad range of construction services tailored to your specific needs and expectations.

From site selection and scheduling to on-site supervision and post-completion follow-up, we deliver exceptional value and know-how, along with innovative added-value options and solutions.

You can turn to us for the specific expertise you need, whether that’s helping you maximize the potential of your own property, finding new sites, or guiding you through preconstruction stages such as planning and zoning.

Because we own and manage most of the buildings we’ve constructed, we’ve learned what works best. Applying our extensive expertise to practical focus on continuous improvement is how we continue to build long-term relationships with our clients.

Duke Construction Projects with MMW Fabrication, LTD.:

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